We all have that piece of clothing that we absolutely adore, spent a ton of money on and yet never wear. You know what I’m talking about. I know you have that great party dress tucked away that your best friend told you buy because it made your tits look great. Or those leather pants you told yourself you would wear everyday, forgetting that you live on the Gold Coast. Or, perhaps I am talking about that silk top that was 70% off at a sample sale but you just can’t bring yourself to wear in case you spill red wine down the front.

For me, it’s this skirt. Bought at my first sample sale in Sydney, I heard it calling me as soon as I hopped off the train in Surry Hills (which made navigating the series of lanes much easier).  I’ve always been a fan of Christopher Esber’s structured and textural take on feminine dressing and I told myself I would wear it constantly. And I did, in my mind, at all the fabulous events I was going to (still in my mind) but in reality it remained hanging in my closet.

There it remained until I was like fuck it, I’ll wear it to lunch. What. A. Disaster. The split was far too high for the daytime, and when I walked the poor people of Broadbeach had no idea where to look. “So how does one wear a skirt like this during the day?” you ask. “Well! By layering it over a dress,” I exclaim. “Oh, so simple!” you reply, equally excited. 

And yes, it is so simple. I’ve found that Bassike’s organic cotton dresses go with just about anything, this skirt included. Paired with the shoe of the season, the slide, and minimal frosting, this skirt is now good to go for the daytime and your modesty is guaranteed!

Photos by Hannah Lyne

Wearing: Christopher Esber skirt (similar here, budget option here and here), Bassike Tank Dress 3 (similar here and budget here), Sandali slides (similar here, here and here)

P.S. If anyone got the ‘How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days’ reference you have excellent taste in movies and we must become friends ASAP.  

x. G.

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Rachael said...

Great idea to layer that skirt!!! Looks fab :)

jamie-lee said...

The sample sales in Sydney are so hard to resist aren't they? I've bought a few things that I've told myself I would wear constantly (Aje bustier, Josh Goot skirts) and that worked in the change room but with the reality of my wardrobe, not really! I love that you managed to find a way to make the skirt work for you - it looks STUNNING layered over that Bassike dress x

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