All right stop, collaborate and listen. Ice is back, but it’s not really a brand new invention. And it’s not being rapped by a white dude with perfectly coifed hair and a square jawline. The ice I am talking about is whiter, crisper and surprisingly easier to pull off at 2 AM in a seedy karaoke bar.

I won’t lie to you, white on white is unforgiving, stains easily and you’re guaranteed serious period leakage paranoia. But, trust me (and you should because I didn’t lie to you just now), it is so worth it.

Putting an all white outfit together doesn’t have to be as difficult as it is keeping it clean. The good thing about donning this look is that the ‘wow factor’ is already built in and, as it takes a lot of confidence to pull it off, you’ll be the subject to many a envious glance. But there are a few key things to remember here.

Firstly, if you’re new to this trend, opt for the same shade of white for maximum impact. 

Secondly, notice how I have layered a white shirt over this overlapped, structured skirt? It’s an easy way of creating different shapes and gives your outfit a point of difference to simply wearing a white dress or jumpsuit.

And lastly, texture, texture, texture! Different materials are what’s going to save your look from becoming washed out. Think cotton + jersey, leather + lace, knitted + silky, or a mix of any of these!

So invest in some Napisan, find a good dry cleaner, and summon your inner ice queen. Vanilla Ice soundtrack is compulsory.


Photos by Hannah Lyne

Wearing: Subtitled shirt (similar here, budget here and here), Christopher Esber Overlapped Flip Skirt (similar here, budget here and here), Zara Heels (similar here and here, budget here)

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