Flared pants are kinda like this bridge and the story about how we found ourselves on it.

You might say that both flared pants and trespassing on this private bridge should be illegal, and you would be right about one of those things…Trespassing on this bridge probably was illegal.

But nothing gets between a girl and a good photo, amirite ladies?

One afternoon a couple of friends and I were cruising down the Pacific Motorway when I casually mentioned that I heard some super rich dude had commissioned the bridge that was coming into sight near the Tugun exit.

Within no time, Tenny was examining Google Maps, I had exited the motorway and Shani was nervously questioning if we were going to get in trouble. But before we could even second-guess ourselves, we were parked in front of a looming gate with only a big red button between us and satisfying a decade of curiosity.

I’m not going to tell you what we found over the bridge cause I’m a tease like that. But I will tell you how I, of a mere 5’2” can pull off flared pants with ease (1000 points for confidence though, right?).

Proportion is everything! And heels are a must! If you’re a shorty like me, try a longer lined top to balance out the pants. Or, if you’re brave, try a little crop top! I myself am tossing up between this crop and this structured top to wear for my birthday this weekend!

So you see, flared pants are kinda like this story. They’re a bit daunting at first but you’ll never know how cool they are until you try.



Black Flared Pants

ASOS | Michael Kors | Balmain (ha ha, a girl can dream!) | Cue (I’ve never wanted anything more since I saw SVU pajamas on Instagram)

Photographer: Tennyson Tostee | Assistant: Shani Ishigaki

P.S. Keep an eye on my Instagram over the weekend to see which top I choose!

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