The first time I met my ex boyfriend’s mum I was drunk AF and wearing this outfit.

He claims the run in was a coincidence, but why else would he ply me with apple martinis* at dinner? Lucky for me, my wardrobe tends not to veer towards vulgar, but rather follows the school of “less skin, more black” very closely.

So that brings me to my first suggestion. Put that LBD back in the closet and kick off those hooker heels. Instead, reach for a pair of tailored pants. By complete fluke I happened to be wearing my favorite pair from Cue this evening. They say “I’m strong, confident and not afraid to speak my mind.” They also say “I’m not timid and would make a killer wife to your son.”

That’s one chatty pair of pants, amirite?

My second suggestion is one I did not follow. Wear. A. Bra. For the love of God remember to put a bra on. Walking out of my unit that night, I did not. And by the time we had finished dinner and made our way to the bar for drinks (where we “ran into” his mum) my nipples were so hard they could cut through a 2-inch pane of glass.

Lastly, you’d want to stay true to your personal style, but remain respectful to his parents. I once wore a pair of blue, leopard jeans to dinner with an ex boyfriend’s parents – this was too far in the direction of personal style but I like to chalk it up to youthful indiscretion (as I do everything I wore between the years of my birth – 2013).

*Full disclosure, the apple martinis were my idea and my ex boyfriend’s mum is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Wearing: Cue Pants (similar here and here) | Zara Top | Zara Mules (similar here)

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Sarah said...

Jealous you were looking super sophisticated and cool when you met her! When I met my boyfriend's parents I was sneaking out of his house and into his car because I didn't want to make a bad first impression. So far so good when I made it into the car without being seen, but then turns out his mum needed a lift... and yes we did go out the night before so my outfit was extremely walk of shame-ish...

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